Northlake Crisis Pregnancy Center -
Medical Services
Pregnancy Test Appointment:  We provide women with a free medically verified pregnancy test and establish her due date.  She will receive pre-natal vitamins and a referral for pre-natal care.  She will also receive information on Medicaid and WIC.
Ultrasound Appointment:  We provide women who are considering abortion with a limited obstetrical ultrasound free of charge.  This allows them to actually see the life that is growing inside of them.  It is our hope that this will encourage them to choose life. 
New Moms Visit:  At this appointment women will meet with our nurse and receive baby care and labor & delivery information.  Women will also receive baby items at this visit. 
STD Testing Appointment:  We are able to test women for five of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.  This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage abstinence and purity. 
Counseling Services
New Moms Counseling Appointment:  This appointment with our professional counselor focuses on the transition of becoming pregnant and preparing to be a new mother. 
Individual Counseling Appointment:  This appointment with our professional counselor focuses on specific issues that a woman wants to address.  Ex. sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, grief, abandonment etc.  This type of counseling requires a weekly or bi-weekly commitment.   
Individual Post-Abortion Counseling Appointment:  This type of counseling is specifically for women who have abortion in their past.  The goal in counseling is to apply Gods healing to that specific wound. 
Abortion Recovery Group Bible Study:  This group led by our professional counselor is a 12-week bible study designed to walk women through the abortion recovery process.    
Healthy Relationships GroupThis group led by our professional counselor is designed to teach women the skills necessary to make healthy choices regarding their partner and relationship.   
Educational Programs
Pre-Natal Classes:  Women can watch our pre-natal video series during their pregnancy.  Upon completion we will purchase a brand new car seat for their baby.     
Parenting Classes:  Women can watch our parenting video series during or after their pregnancy.  Upon completion we will purchase a brand new toddler car seat for their baby.
Faith Videos:  Women can watch our faith videos at any time during or after their pregnancy.  These videos are designed to encourage women in their walk with Christ.   Upon completion we will purchase a brand new portable crib for their baby. 
Long Term Material Assistance (for the first two years of the child’s life)
Maternity Clothing Appointment:  We have a closet full of beautiful maternity clothes!  Women can come “shop” with us free of charge once per month during their pregnancy.   
Baby Items Visit:  We have a room full of adorable baby items!  Women can come once per month receive these items.  At each monthly visit women will briefly meet with the counselor or a volunteer.  The purpose of this appointment is not to simply meet a physical need, but to create an opportunity to minister to these women on a regular basis.   
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